historical significance

  • Glen Alpine Springs resort, established in 1878, is the first family resort in the Lake Tahoe Basin. It is now the last of that era - all comparable resorts have been torn down.
  • Desolation Valley Wilderness hiking trails, whose trailhead is at the site, is a result of discoverer and founder Nathan Gilmore, who established the trails in the wilderness for his resort guests. Today, Desolation Valley Wilderness is, per acre, the most popular wilderness destination in the U.S.
  • The Washoe Indians have lived in the Lake Tahoe Basin for 10,000 years and obsidian spearheads have been found at the springs. Suzie Jackson, a Washoe matriarch and basket weaver, lived at Glen Alpine Springs in the late 19th century and passed down the legends of the Washoe Indians.
  • Glen Alpine Springs has 5 buildings designed by Bernard Maybeck, one of the top 10 all time architects in the United States (AIA). Nine of Maybeck's other designs are National Landmarks or on the National Register. Besides the five Maybecks there are four other structures at the site including an 1889-built barn, cabins, plus ruins dating back to 1873. These structures are being preserved by nonprofit donations & volunteers.
  • Glen Alpine Springs 'history and significance is documented by a large collection of photographs, furniture, artifacts, records and diaries. Because it is within the El Dorado National Forest, the site retains its original natural beauty.
  • Glen Alpine Springs became eligible for the National Register in 1980 and the preservation organization is currently seeking its nomination as a National Historical Landmark.

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